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What is ultimate detailing?

Professional automobile detailing is the craftsmanship and technique of cleaning and reviving a vehicle to showroom condition. Car detailing services are far more accurate and labor-intensive than getting a car washed. A car wash is often an automated process via which a vehicle's exterior is cleaned. Detailing services at Detail Theory are done by our skilled technician using high quality products to work the vehicle to it's best appearance by getting to every crevice of your vehicle.

Why ultimate detailing?


A car detail, regardless of the kind of upholstery in your vehicle, will give a thorough cleansing and will incorporate protective solvents. For leather surfaces, a protective and conditioner is applied to prevent cracking and tears. To remove stains from soft surfaces, a shampoo is used, and our fabric protector used will prevent further stains.


Detailing your vehicle includes more than simply making it look nice; it also includes cleaning out the engine. It enables your vehicle to perform more smoothly and at lower temperatures by eliminating dust and debris from the engine. Engine cleaning is a significant advantage of car detailing that is not available with a standard car wash.


When your engine is clean and functioning optimally, your automobile will naturally last longer. The same principle applies to the interior and exterior surfaces of your vehicle. With fewer scratches, swirls, and bubbles, your car's paint will last longer. The interior fabric of your vehicle will be clean and free of deep set stains or leather rips.

It is recommended to get your automobile detailed every 4-6 months to preserve immaculate performance and safeguard your car. As often as you get your vehicle detailed, the more maintained it will be, resulting in a longer lifespan and higher resell value.

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Ultimate Detail - Inclusions

Exterior inclusions

Touchless pressure wash & dry
Protective spray coating
Paint decontamination treatment
3-stage's of cut & polish for swirl & scratch reduction
Premium wax sealant application for long lasting protection & shine

Head light & tail light restoration
Door & boot jambs pressure cleaned
Fuel door pressure cleaned
Wheels & wheel arches cleaned
Windows & mirrors cleaned and polished
Tyres dressed

Interior inclusions

Full vacuum & deodorise
Interior touchpoints sanitised

Roof cleaned, steam and sanitised

Floor deep clean and sanitised
Seats, carpets, mats & boot steam cleaned & sanitised
Leather seats cleaned and protected by polish (if applicable)

Interior windows & mirrors cleaned
Dash, centre console & door trims detailed & Polished
Foot pedals cleaned & sanitised

All the windows Restored & Polished 

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