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What is cut & polish?

The optimum shine requires some type of polishing to your paint. No wax will improve the look of a painted surface better Cut and Polish. Cut and Polish is a method of removing a superfine layer of clear coat with the use of particular cutting and polishing agents. This smoothens the surface of your vehicle's paintwork, permanently erasing small swirls and scratches in your clear coat which are visible when seen in direct sunlight. These scratches are especially noticeable on darker coloured vehicles. A vehicle paint that has been cut and polished by DT's expertise will have a high standard of shine and gloss. 

Why cut & polish?


Cut & Polish compounds used at Detail Theory breakdown road grime, dirt, and grease. All without causing any damage to the paintwork. This decontamination restores the paint to a clean surface.


The harsh sun we experience in Bangalore, definitely brings us joy but not so much joy to our vehicles. The sunlight causes paint fading and dulls the exterior. Cut & polish restores the shine and rejuvenates the vehicle's original paintwork. 


If you've ever wondered how people get their cars to reflect like mirrors, it is a cut & Polish that would have done the job. The biggest benefit is how good your car will look after the polishing adds a level of depth to the paintwork.

It is recommended to get your automobile detailed every 4-6 months to preserve immaculate performance and safeguard your car. As often as you get your vehicle detailed, the more maintained it will be, resulting in a longer lifespan and higher resell value.

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Exterior Cut & Polish - Inclusions

Exterior Hand Wash

Bug and Tar Removal

Chamois Dry

Clay Bar Treatment for Removal of Contamination on Paintwork

3-stage Cut and Polish for Removal of Light Scratches and Swirl Marks Whilst Adding Deep Gloss

Headlight & Taillight restoration

All windows cleaned & polished (Including the front Windscreen and rare)

Door & boot jambs pressured cleaned 

Premium Quality Sealant Wax Application for Protection

Wheels rims restored & Polished

Engine bay cleaned & Polished 

Tyres Dressed & Polished

Image by Neelabh Raj
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